• Accepted File Formats: JPG, GIF & PNG
    1. 3 loop max or 15 seconds
  • Max File Size:
    1. Background Skin: 1900×1600, 300k or less
      • See Background Skin Requirements tab for detailed specs.
    2. Pencil Ads: 100k or less
      • See Pencil Ad Requirements tab for detailed specs.
    3. 320×50: 50k or less
    4. All other banners: 100k or less
  • Standard available ad sizes*
    • 300×250
    • 320×50
    • 728×90
    • 468×60
  • Other custom sizes may apply to some teams. Please confer with team contact to confirm
    applicable ad sizes.

General Ad Specifications

  1. To allow for proper approval and testing, TPP submission deadlines are as follows:
    1. Pencil Ad: Total 14 business days prior to launch
    2. Global Background Skin: 13 business days prior to launch
    3. Static image banners: 12 business days prior to launch
    4. New ad inventory (not previously delivery through GAM): 18 business days prior to
    5. Pre-Roll Video: 13 business days prior to launch
  2. Additional Notes:
    1. One click thru URL must be provided for all units
    2. Select third party ad tags and vendors are accepted. See below for details

Image Ad Requirements:

  • File Size:
      • 100K: 300×250, 468×60, 728×90
    • 50K: 320×50*
      • *2x density banners are now required for all 320×50 image files:
        • 320×50 & 640×100 must be provided •
  • File Format:
    • JPG
    • GIF
  1. 3rd Party Acceptance: Yes
    1. All 3rd party ad tags, provided they are submitted with proper macro placement
      instructions and/or are from a GAM-Certified Vendor.
    2. For a list of GAM certified vendors please
      reference: https://support.google.com/admanager/answer/177366

      1. All 3rd party creative must be SSL compliant
      2. See GAM article for details:
  2. Expandable: No
  3. Audio Policy – No host-initiated audio is permitted on NBA.com or NBA Team Sites. Audio
    must be user-initiated by clicking within the banner and contain a clearly visible “Mute”
    and “Stop’ function.
  4. HTML5 Guidelines
    1. Initial load = 150k | Polite Load = 2.2MB
    2. HTML5 compressed (.zip) file allowance includes all assets contained within an ad
      package, which would be displayed upon loading. Duplicate assets for high
      resolution displays are considered one asset in the ad package, contributing
      respectively to the overall file size. Includes HTML, images, CSS, JavaScript, font
      files, media and any other files which contribute to the ad display, zipped.
Available ad sizes*
300×250 468×60 728×90 320×50

 *2x density banners are now required for all 320×50 image files:  

    • 320×50 & 640×100 must be provided

VIDEO Ad Requirements

  • Accepted Streaming Video Ad Delivery Formats: Aspect Ratios: 16:9 & 4:3 (4:3 to get
    black curtains to fit 16:9)
  • File-Based Media (16:9 & 4:3): QuickTime MOV, MPEG-4, MP4, AVI
    • All files must contain a soundtrack, even if the ad is to run without sound.
  • Volume Levels: Mean volume < 24db LKFS with an acceptable range of +/- 2DB (26db or
    -22db it will still pass and is acceptable)
  • Frame Rate: 29.97
  • File Names: No Spaces (only _ or – )
  • Finished Files: No Slates

Click here for full ad tech specs.

Pencil Ad Requirements

File Size: 100k or less
Accepted File Formats: JPG & GIF

All eight creative sizes must be provided:

  • Desktop Width: 1150×50 and 1150×440
  • Large Tablet: 950×40 and 950×360
  • Small Tablet: 730×30 and 730×280
  • Mobile: 300/320×50 and 300/320×100

Special Instructions:

  • The open and close text is located in the top right 80×50 pixels for all banners. This

    • Must be the same color on all eight creatives.
    • Must not contain any lettering, buttons, multi-color background, or pictures.
  • Note: The red boxes are only a visual guide of the top right 80×50 pixels. The creative
    does not need to be red in this area.

for full ad tech specs.

Background Skin Requirements

File Size: 300k or less
Accepted File Formats: JPG
Creative Size: 1900×1600

Special Instructions:

  • Dead Zones (red areas of the below screenshot):
    • Top NBA Chrome Bar: The background image starts at the top of the browser
      window and sits behind the NBA chrome bar. Background creative should account for
      the top 35px not being visible due to the NBA Chrome overlap.
    • Content Region: The content region that runs down the middle of the page
      (including the header/navigation) is 1170px wide.
    • Sponsor/Partner/Creative Zones (green text on left/right margin of background):
      • Approximately 150px to the left and right of the middle 1170px content
        region can be used for sponsor/partner/creative elements within the
        trafficked background (NOTE: This visible region, aka “wings”, varies based
        on the device being viewed on and the width of the browser window).

Click here for full ad tech specs.